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World Rhythm FestivalProduced by the Seattle World Percussion Society
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2017 World Rhythm Festival

Drum Circle Facilitated by John Hayden & friends4/28/17 12:30Armory Main Floor
Drum Circle Facilitated by Sinead Harte & Randy Pomeroy4/28/17 01:30Armory Main Floor
Drum Circle Facilitated by Abby Greene-Bull and friends4/28/17 02:30Armory Main Floor
Drum Circle Facilitated by LuLu Leathley & friends4/28/17 03:30Armory Main Floor
Drum Circle Facilitated by Jim Boneau & friends4/28/17 04:30Armory Main Floor

Abby Greene-Bull

Dance, music and the ability to channel positive energy has always been essential in Abby’s life. Attending and volunteering for the WRF since 1998 spawned the love of drum circle facilitation. Abby was inspired to start Pulse Play Circles in 2011 after attending Arthur Hull’s Hawaii Playshop. Engaging co-workers, seniors and kids at camp, she has led drum circles and inspired groups from 10 to 400 people to connect with their inner rhythm with drums and “found sound”, thus creating the healing heartbeat of community wherever she goes. Abby Greene Bull is a native of Guyana, South America, and lives in Burnaby, BC, where she holds bi-weekly community drum circles.

Pulse Play Circle4/29/17 01:30Armory 4th Floor Room D
Pulse Play Circle4/30/17 12:15Armory 3rd Floor Loft #4
Photos: workshop

Abraham Neuwelt

Abraham Neuwelt is a Seattle based percussionist and handpan player specializing in live performance, private lesson and music therapy. He is regarded as one of the Northwest's best handpan players and a lead ambassador of the instrument. You may be asking yourself, "what is a handpan?" The handpan (hang) is a convex steel drum played by hand and tuned to multiple notes and particular scales. It emits a sonic tone that has the capacity to create many layers of sound and ethereal effects. Abraham's performance is truly an experience that you have to "hear, to believe!"

Handpan by Abraham4/29/17 12:30Armory Main Floor
Discovering the HandPan (Hang)4/29/17 02:45Armory 4th Floor Room C
Discovering the Cajon4/30/17 02:45Armory 4th Floor Room C
Photos: workshop

Anuradha Samrat

Anu Samrat is a dancer (Mohiniyattam and Bharatanatyam) and a musician (voice; Carnatic) who runs her dance school "Alapadma" in the greater Seattle area. She started her dance and music lessons at the age of 6 in Madras, India, a city often called the "cultural capital of south India". While doing her Masters in Illinois, she started learning Mohiniyattam - another classical dance form of India. Learning music, which is the soul of dance, alongside dance, has helped hone her into an artiste capable of composing the music for the dance pieces she creates and choreographs. She has performed at various venues in India and in the US, her recent ones in Madras, now called Chennai, in December 2014, during the famous "Margazhi music and dance festival" and in Berlin in Nov 2016.

Alapadma Dance recital4/30/17 10:30Armory Main Floor

Arthur Hull

Arthur Hull is a rhythm ambassador and master at facilitating groups with joyful rhythm experiences. He travels the world inspiring community-building through the metaphor of music. A protégé of Babatunde Olatunji, Arthur originated and defined modern-day Drum Circle Facilitation. His pioneering work has touched the lives of thousands of people, in communities large and small, corporate executives, teachers and kids at risk. Through his Village Music Circle trainings, books and DVDs, he has taught over 10,000 people in 25 countries how to facilitate rhythm-based events. Arthur has been nationally awarded for his success in inspiring music-making, team and community-building that promote joy and awareness.

Village Music Circle Ensemble4/28/17 07:00Armory Main Floor
Universal Principles of Hand Drumming4/29/17 11:00Armory 3rd Floor Loft #2
Rhythmical Alchemy Playshop4/30/17 12:15Armory 3rd Floor Loft #2
Community Drum Circle4/30/17 05:30Armory Main Floor
Photos: workshop

Arturo Rodriguez

An accomplished musician, author, and teacher, he has performed worldwide, sharing the stage with music legends Tito Puente, Dave Valentin, Paul Horn, Pete Escovedo and Crosby, Stills and Nash. Rodriguez says, "It's been an honor and a privilege to have worked with these great musicians"

SKYPE OR ONLINE LESSONS Learn to play drums in the comfort of your own home or studio.
Free consultation: arturoseattle


Arturo Rodriguez and his Rhythm Ambassadors4/29/17 07:00Armory Main Floor
The universal concepts of time keeping for drummers and dancers4/30/17 01:30Armory 3rd Floor Loft #3
Salsa Rhythms4/30/17 02:45Armory 3rd Floor Loft #3
Photos: workshop performance

Ben von Harz

First learned to build African rope tuned drums from a friend and mentor in South Africa. Usually find old and / or used drums and rebuild them. In the fall of 2013 I obtained my first handpan, which has changed my musical world. I now play pans for yoga, sound baths, private parties and hospice.

Djembe Tuning4/29/17 11:00Armory 4th Floor Room B
Handpans and Rhythm for Yoga4/29/17 04:00Armory 4th Floor Room C
Djembe Re-Heading4/30/17 11:00Armory 4th Floor Room D
Handpans and Rhythm for Yoga4/30/17 12:15Armory 4th Floor Room D

Bill Moore

Bill has been teaching Freestyle Djembe Hand Drumming since 1998. As a Rhythm and Arts Therapist/Author/Artist--- Bill got his Associates Degree in music and a Bachelors Degree in Mind/Body Medicine and Psychology. His art is self taught. He is the AUTHOR of the book RHYTHM HEALING: PTSD, Trauma, and Beyond. The science behind using Rhythm to Heal.

Rhythm for better health4/30/17 04:00Armory 4th Floor Room B
Photos: workshop

Bill Woods

Bill Woods is a performer, teacher, studio musician, composer, and author. He is currently the bodhran player for the Seattle band Iona Abbey and the Olympic Peninsula band Powerhouse. He has played bodhran on recording projects as varied in style as classical, new age, improvisational, and heavy metal as well as traditional Irish and Scottish music. His compositions have been performed and recorded, and some of his more atmospheric pieces have been used on the sound track of a documentary film. He has written three books, Bodhran: the Basics, Bodhran: Beyond the Basics, and Playing the Frame Drum, all of which are published by Mel Bay Publications and sold around the world.

Lap Style Frame Drum4/30/17 11:00Armory 4th Floor Room B
Beginning & Intermediate Bodhran Workshop4/30/17 01:30Armory 4th Floor Room B
Odd Rhythms4/30/17 02:45Armory 4th Floor Room B

Billy Knutson

Billy Knutson is a personal trainer and lifestyle coach who discovered hand drumming in 2005 on a personal retreat and was instantly hooked. He has studied various rhythm traditions and extensively with various African teachers. He is a certified drum circle facilitator through Village Music Circles and has also taken Remo's Health Rhythms training. He founded RhythmWellness to complement his healthy lifestyle business, focusing on the health aspects of drumming and community music making. More info www.RhythmWellness.com

The Rhythm Well4/29/17 12:00Mural Amphitheatre
Take 54/29/17 04:00Armory 4th Floor Room B
Take 54/30/17 11:00Armory 4th Floor Room C
The Rhythm Well4/30/17 12:00Mural Amphitheatre
Photos: workshop

Boka & Afua Kouyate

Aboubacar “Boka” Kouyate is a Djeli ~ Boka was born into a duo Griot tradition;The Son of Nounke Kouyaté and Djéné Dioubate. his Father was a musician guitarist, ballaphonist and a traditional historian. His Mother is a popular Singer. He began singing with his mom, while strapped to her back as a child. Writing and composing music began at a young age 0f 8. He has attended the school of music within the Griot lineage, which was directed by his Father. Boka has gained citywide recognition for his commitment to preserving historical traditions within the Manden region. While based in Seattle, Washington; Boka teaches traditional djembe, Ballaphone, and songs from Guinea.

THE DJELIYAH BAND & KOUYATE ARTS12/31/69 07:00Armory Main Floor
African Dance Class - School Aged Youth4/28/17 12:00Armory Main Floor
Maninka Drum Class4/29/17 02:45Armory 3rd Floor Loft #2
BOKA KOUYATÉ & THE DJELIYAH BAND4/29/17 08:00Armory Main Floor
West African Dance Workshop w/ A