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Zorina Wolf
Sequim, WA
Zorina Wolf was a student of her longtime mentor, the late Nigerian drummer, Baba Olatunji for 14 years. She has been playing the drum and teaching rhythm for over 26 years both nationally and internationally. In 1996, Zorina met Reinhard Flatischler, the developer of the TaKeTiNa rhythm process. She saw the potential to take her rhythm training deeper. She completed her three-year basic level TaKeTiNa training under Reinhard Flatischler in 2001 and in 2003 finished her advanced level exam. She is the developer of the Whole Person Drumming® Curriculum-- a way to experience how drum orchestration can facilitate creating music and community. Her book Whole Person Drumming: Your Journey into Rhythm was published in March of 2016.
Faisal Zedan, was born in Syria, 1972 Arabic percussionist, playing Derbakki, Riqq and frame drums in Arabic style. Specializes in Arabic music of all its different genres. Faisal performs other music genres including Greek, Armenian Balkan and Macedonian.He also regularly performs other middle eastern music such as Turkish, Persian and Afghan. Faisal has been teaching drum workshops, private lessons and at music camps in the united states and abroad. His teaching method relies on explaining the mechanics required to play Arabic drums along with examples and exercises. Faisal cooperates with many ensembles and and individual artist emphasizing the importance of musicianship and selfless playing.
Marco Zonka
clinton, WA
As vocalist&percussionist Marco Zonka studied with AliAkbarKhan, ZakirHussain&Allah Rahka. His music is an eclectic mélange of vocal&instrumental themes over hypnotic rhythms, including reggae, world-groove, folk &live“loops”. Zonka performed with ShivnathMishra, BabukishanDas, &vocalists Ashana, SanatamKaur, GinaSala &others. Zonka developed a uniquely adaptive vocabulary of dance, music&song called “tongues&tala”. Drummers &dancers &singers &instrumentalists of all kinds can adapt this “rhythm-language” quickly to any level of musical understanding. He has also been re-inventing the ancient art of “walking-prayer/circle-song” in which circles of celebrants, singing songs of empowerment &affirmation, bringing a lost art of ceremonial experience back to life.
Briseyda Zarate
Los Angeles, CA
(323) 719-1613

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