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World Rhythm FestivalProduced by the Seattle World Percussion Society
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Zorina Wolf
Sequim, WA
Zorina Wolf was a student of her longtime mentor, the late Nigerian drummer, Baba Olatunji for 14 years. She has been playing the drum and teaching rhythm for over 26 years both nationally and internationally. In 1996, Zorina met Reinhard Flatischler, the developer of the TaKeTiNa rhythm process. She saw the potential to take her rhythm training deeper. She completed her three-year basic level TaKeTiNa training under Reinhard Flatischler in 2001 and in 2003 finished her advanced level exam. She is the developer of the Whole Person Drumming® Curriculum-- a way to experience how drum orchestration can facilitate creating music and community. Her book Whole Person Drumming: Your Journey into Rhythm was published in March of 2016.
Sule Greg Wilson
Tempe, AZ
Giavanni Washington
Los Angeles, CA
Giavanni Washington, Ph.D. brings her passion and gratitude for the transformative power of the drum every time she plays or facilitates a drum circle. She received her doctorate in Culture and Performance from UCLA in 2013. She has studied sonic traditions and performed throughout many countries in the world, including: Brazil, Burkina Faso, Cuba, Ethiopia, Guinea, Jamaica, Japan, Kenya, Senegal, Trinidad, Uganda, and the United States. “Dr. G” believes that everyone is entitled to recognition; a philosophy epitomized in the facilitated drum circle format, where every voice is equally valuable. Dr. G facilitates drum circles because she is dedicated to creating and providing a sonic platform through which people can safely explore and transform their relationship to self!
Hello! My names Will, I am an avid hand-drummer with knowledge of a wide variety of drumming techniques & rhythms from the Middle East, Iranian, and Carnatic Indian music. Over time I have researched and adopted a variety of techniques and rhythms from various cultures around the world. I like to play e variety of hand-drums such as; Middle Eastern Doumbek, Frame Drum, South Indian Kanjira, Djembe, and the Iranian Tombak and Daf. Currently I've developed my own unique set of techniques for the djembe that incorporates Indian, Iranian/Persian, & Middle Eastern styles. I hope to share these wonderful techniques & rhythms with music lovers & drummers like myself.
kampala, UGANDA
Wally Johnson
Dale City, VA
Dr. Wonderbread performs as a jazz/funk percussionist weekly at MoJam Monday (reputed to be one of the best jams in the country) at the Nectar Lounge in Fremont. He is working with musician friends to develop a new genre, "joetry," a deeper integration of jazz and poetry. His shamanic training includes Mayan (Martin Prectel), Dagara (Burkino Faso, Africa, Malidoma Somé) Native American, Tibetan Buddhist and several other traditions. His mission is to bring the magic of timeless Kairos time into our tic-toc Chronos world, using the pre-verbal languages of Kairos: music, poetry, dance, art, beauty (harmonious balance) and sensuality.
Will Kappes
Seattle, WA
Will Kappes
Seattle, WA

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