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cintia Pristell
Seattle, WA
Daniel Pitta
Daniel Pitta (Mestre Pitta) is a native of Salvador, Brazil. Daniel is co-owner of Bahia In Motion, a Seattle-based organization offering classes in Capoeira, Brazilian dance, Zumba fitness and tours to Brazil. Daniel's classes transmit the vibrant energy of Brazil. Get ready to dance, sweat and smile! Bahia In Motion has partnered this year with Pacific Northwest Ballet, Spectrum Dance Theater, the Overlake School and Cornish College of the Arts. For more information, please visit bahiainmotion.com
Andrea Piccioni
Ronciglione, ITALY
Mark Powers
Portland, OR
Mark Powers has studied, performed and taught throughout North America, as well as in Asia, Africa, the Middle East and the South Pacific. As a Tycoon Percussion artist and REMO Education Artist, Mark facilitates a variety of percussion programs – educating students of all ages in schools, presenting at youth/adult correctional facilities and leading businesses and organizations in rhythm-based leadership and team building workshops. He is a two-time TEDx speaker and performer, co-author of “The 2-in-1 Drummer” and author of “Solo In Style.” Mark has written for Modern Drummer Magazine, Percussive Notes and other percussion publications, and releases 60-second video drum lessons on DrumItInAMinute.com Find out more at PowersPercussion.com
Jake Pegg
Portland, OR
(541) 579-0916
Barb Pitcher
Twin Lake, MI
231 828-5666
Barb Pitcher has been playing drums over 40 years and was the first 'girl' drummer in her high school in the late 60's. She has been studying world drums for many years with master drum teachers. Her focus on the frame drum began in 1997, and has studied extensively with Layne Redmond, and Glen Velez. She teaches frame drum workshops/classes and her teaching style can incorporate the beginner to the advanced frame drummer. Barb presents frame drum workshops at festivals and conferences including Michigan Women's Music Festival and Ontario Women's Drum Camp. She has performed in collaboration with many artists and orchestras including the Michigan women's Music Festival, the West Michigan Concert Winds, Ubaka Hill and the ShapeShifters, and with Layne Redmond at the Percussive Arts Society International Convention as well as producing concerts with Layne and 35 frame drummers in the historic Howmet Theater in western Michigan. Barb seeks to make the ancient art of frame drumming accessible to anyone who is drawn to this tradition. Her passion is to allow everyone to experience the powerful, diverse rhythmic culture created when we drum together.
gilles premel
bordeaux, FRANCE
Gilles Prémel 34, rue des Sablières 33800 Bordeaux France Phone: 00/33/664.41.02.54 E-mail: premelp@yahoo.fr Instruments played: conga, bongo, timbales, bata, berimbau, timba, repinique, pandeiro, tamborim, reco-reco, chékéré, agogo, gan, cajon Peruvian cajon Cuban quijada, surdos and trap drums. 1984: Brazilian Percussion with Bira Almeida "Mestre accordion" world-renowned and instigator of the Capoeira in the U.S.A. As musical director and composer of the famous group of Sanfran-cisco corpo santo. 1988-89: Afro-cuban workshop in matanzas with LOS MUñEQUITOS of MATANZAS in Cuba. Diploma 3rd degree at the CONJUNTO FOLKLORICO Nacional de Cuba, Havana. 2001-2004 Conservatorio Josafat Roel pineda Lima, Peru, percussion residency on origins of west africa in Latin America and the Caribbean, their influences in the music of this century in modern music. 2002-2006: E.N.M.D.T. (National Conservatory of Dance and Music GABRIEL FAURE - Angoulême) Professor teacher on Percussive Afro Caribbean and Latin music in orchestras.music festivals student projects.
Michelle Palmer
Seattle, WA
Directed by Aaminah, Anwaar is a progressive fusion bellydance troupe, mixing multiple styles of bellydance with a touch of contemporary. Their repetoire includes a variety of dynamic choreographies, some with props like swords or short staffs, as well as group improvisation. Whether it's to traditional folkloric, Arabic pop, or gritty progressive music, they mix it up and always keep it interesting.
Sedona, AZ
623 326 0124
Michelle Palmer
Seattle, WA
Joyce Paul is an accomplished Bharatanatyam and Mohiniyattam dancer who believes that dance is a wonderful medium that can transport you to a level of consciousness that is difficult to reach otherwise. She works hard to ensure that the essence of dance and its unseen ramifications are experienced by her students and co-dancers. Her knowledge of Exercise Physiology and the human body in general give her classes a unique twist. Her basic knowledge of Ballet and Jazz help her work on competitive analysis between art forms and how the body reacts to different stress movements. Joyce has been teaching and performing in the Pacific Northwest since 2001.
Pamela Lynn-Seraphine
Newbury Park, CA
Pamela Lynn-Seraphine is a world percussionist, author, educator & leading expert on the Contemplative Science of Drumming. Her specialty focus is rhythmic brain training activities to enhance mental health, and well-being. In 2008, she transitioned into academic research and the therapeutic application of drumming from the perspective of positive psychology and neuroscience. Pamela compiled her knowledge and expertise into an comprehensive rhythmic brain training program entitled, Neurodrumming™ Meditation Therapy (NDMT). She also authored the book, The Drummer's Manifesto: Empowering Your Music Brain for Optimal Health. An inspirational resource guide for drumming enthusiasts.
Peteri Faletogo
Seatac, WA
N.I.U. Roots (New Island United Roots) is a young kids Tongan/Samoan group dedicated to help them get into touch with their indigenous roots. Culture, language, dance and traditions are taught to this generation so that they may wear their pride upon their sleeves. Their is also school help offered and emotional support (if needed) for the children. This group had gotten started on a field of Evergreen High School in lowly White Center. Over this past year they have formed a bond like brothers and sisters. You can see the chemistry when they perform together. They continuously learn the importance of culture, community, and family.
Ernesto Pediangco
Shoreline, WA

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