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oduor gabriel odhiambo
nairobi, KENYA
2254 723 979 43
Ousmane Sylla
Seattle, WA
OUSMANE SYLLA was born in Conakry, Guinea West Africa and has been dancing Contemporary African Dance since the age of 7. He began dancing with Weigué Musica de Guinée and later danced with Les INGUIDANS, A multi ethnic contemporary group in Guinea that included ethnics from surrounding countries. Dancing many dance styles Ousmane combines his knowledge of traditional and contemporary African dance that has given birth to “SAMATO DANCE”, (dance so beautiful words cannot describe, so you must see or experience for yourself). He dances Traditional Contemporary African Dance from the ethnic groups of the four regions of Guinea using their traditional contemporary music, and Traditional Contemporary African Dance from other African countries including Congo (Zaire) and Cote D’ Ivoire. In Guinea this style of dancing is used to showcase artists newly released traditional songs. It is also used for cultural dance parties; Spectacle de la Rue, (neighborhood party), Fête de Quartier (block party), kelmesse, (performance for students at the end of school year), Vin d’honneur (party after the marriage) and Baptême (performance after the baby naming ceremony).
Dora Oliveira
Seattle, WA
(206) 226-8676
Since moving to Seattle from Salvador, Bahia, Dora has been performing and teaching Brazilian dance to adults and kids for 25 years and performs constantly at both company & community events, including many taking place in the heart of Seattle Center: World Rhythm Festival, Folklife Festival, Festival Sundiata, Spirit of West Africa, and BrasilFest. Her repertoire ranges from samba and traditional Afro-Brazilian dance through jazz, funk, ballet, and modern. She is lead dancer with Seattle’s own Show Brazil and showcases her personally designed choreography and costumes when performing with her own group, Dance Brazil, at festivals, schools, nonprofits and corporate events throughout the year.
Aikulola Ogundugba-Ogunleye
Houston, TX
832 607 3200
The youngest son of a renowned Master Drummer, Aikulola first learned the art of Drumming as a young boy following his father to festivals and gatherings. By the time he reached adulthood his skill level was well known throughout the region and he was named by the Araba of Ode Remo, the Alogbolesi (meaning the Chief among all Master Drummers), the ONLY person to hold such a title. As such, he is responsible for the training and performance for up and coming drummers throughout the region. Since 2005, his passion for Drumming has taken him to various countries in South America where he has taught the art of Drumming and Chanting to communities in Brazil and Venezuela. It is his belief that the ancient art of Drumming can be applied successfully to the problems of modern life for the good and enhancement of all humankind.
Omkari Emenke
Omkari Emenke is a world traveler, having studied various dance forms such as salsa, merengue, bhangra, East Indian classical dance, and lately Zumba. She has travelled to Central America, Asia, the Middle East, and Europe, and incorporates her influences in her dance choreographies.
Farnaz Ohadi
Vancouver, BC
Alan Olivares
salmón arm, BC
Proud founder and teacher of the Ginga no Gueto Capoeria in Cuernavaca, Mexico. Having studied from the masters in Brazil, and absorbing that knowledge has led me to share my love and passion by teaching in places such as Mexico, Turkey, and Brazil.

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