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Lance Lu
Seattle, WA
Lance Lu is a shekere specialist, teaching and performing Afro-Cuban style shekere for over 25 years. His teachers include Dennis Miu, Michael Spiro, Ricardo Cane, Jesus Alphonso, Regino Jimenez, and Sandy Perez. He has performed with diverse musical artists, including Abdul Doumbia, Pete and Sheila Escovedo, Tony Gable, Yerba Buena, the Supersones, MangoSon,Charanga Danzon, Sonando,Sambatuque, Alma y Azucar and his own group, Out of My Gourd. Lance currently is the percussionist for Alma y Azucar and also plays drum set for various jazz groups in the Seattle area. He teaches private students in his studio in Seattle.
Simone LaDrumma
Seattle, WA
Simone has been teaching, composing and performing on hand drums since 1987. From 1992 to 1999, she directed Ladies Don’t Drum, an all-female percussion ensemble. “Ladies” performed and recorded with the Seattle Men’s Chorus, Maya Angelou, and Bobby McFerrin, among others. Their CD,“Nailin’ It” was wildly popular. Since 1991, when she created Drumming & The Holistic Expression of Rhythm, Simone has brought the magic of rhythmic expression to thousands across the U.S., Canada and Europe. Locally, she offers drumming classes for every level and gender. Simone also brings her drums to parties, schools, corporate events, Special Populations, and everywhere the Spirit of the Drum leads her.
Danny Long
Seattle, WA
Laurie Sylla
Seattle, WA
Abdoulaye Sylla, master dancer and drummer from Guinea, W. Africa, delights everyone with his energetic style and infectious smile. He grew up winning numerous dance competitions in and on behalf of his country. Abdoulaye performed around the globe with Les Ballets Africains, Guinea’s national dance troupe, and with Les Merveilles D’Afrique. He has performed and taught traditional dance and percussion at hundreds of venues throughout Africa, Europe, and the United States. In 1994 Abdoulaye relocated to Connecticut where he was an adjunct professor at Trinity College and a Master Teaching/Performing Artist with the CT Arts Commission. Locally, he leads Message From Guinea, is on the WASAC teaching artist roster, and works with Powerful Schools and Arts Corps.
Lisa Simmons
Oakland, CA
Leela Francis
Nine Mile Falls, WA
Lara McIntosh
Seattle, WA
Heidi Jo Landin
Olympia, WA
Leonardo Altamiranda
Covington, WA
Lulu Leathley
Vancouver, BC
Lulu Leathley has facilitated events for hundreds of people from birth to one hundred and six! From cancer patients at the BC Cancer Lodge to pre-school children in Victoria, Lulu has brought instruments from around the world, rhythm games and a wide range of activities which encourage everyone to join in the fun! Lulu Leathley builds on her experiences with children, welderlies, special populations and corporate groups to introduce the wonders of rhythm for bringing people together. Her facilitation credentials include certification by Village Music Circles, endorsement by REMO, and HealthRHYTHMS training.
joyce lozito
Portland, OR
503 224-8989
Lush Tongue
Brooklyn, NY
Lush Tongue reveres feminine energy through sound. We are a New York based a cappella ensemble featuring vocal improvisation and an eclectic, globally multicultural array of music from female composers.
Pamela Lynn-Seraphine
Newbury Park, CA
Pamela Lynn-Seraphine is a world percussionist, author, educator & leading expert on the Contemplative Science of Drumming. Her specialty focus is rhythmic brain training activities to enhance mental health, and well-being. In 2008, she transitioned into academic research and the therapeutic application of drumming from the perspective of positive psychology and neuroscience. Pamela compiled her knowledge and expertise into an comprehensive rhythmic brain training program entitled, Neurodrumming™ Meditation Therapy (NDMT). She also authored the book, The Drummer's Manifesto: Empowering Your Music Brain for Optimal Health. An inspirational resource guide for drumming enthusiasts.

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