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Jim Greiner
Soquel, CA
Jim Greiner is an internationally acclaimed, award-winning percussionist, educator, community drumming leader and inspirational speaker. Jim has been playing since, 1970, including two years in Africa where he was moved and inspired to bring the community-building power of drumming back home. He has been teaching and leading drum circles since 1980 and is recognized as, "One of America's leading percussion educators." (Latin Percussion Instruments) and "One of the pioneers in the drum circle and community drumming world." (The Percussive Arts Society) Jim works worldwide through his company, Hands-On! Drumming® (www.handsondrum.com) , leading drumming programs for corporations, communities and schools, as the percussionist for The Bill Hopkins Rockin' Orchestra playing at corporate events and resorts, and at festivals as the percussionist for Gospel/R&B singer Sista Monica Parker. Jim is a clinician/endorser for Latin Percussion, Sabian Cymbals, ProMark Drumsticks, Gibraltar Hardware and Audix Microphones. He is also Head of LP's Recreational & Community Drumming Program (www.communitydrumming.com)
Geoff Johns
Vashon, WA
206 753-9880
Cross-cultural percussionist/vocalist Geoff Johns is a dynamic performer and articulate teacher. His music serves to bring people together in celebration of life. In his work, he integrates a wealth of knowledge about the historical, cultural, psychological, and spiritual context of world music traditions. He plays a vast array of instruments and sings in several languages. He has traveled widely, studying and performing with such master musicians as John Amira, Zakir Hussein, Kobla Ladzekpo, Mamady Keita, and Bira Almeida. He has developed a comprehensive system of notation for non-European percussion and produced three CDs: DRUM! How to Play the Rhythms of Africa and Latin America; Bakongo Drumming Music for Dancers; and The Conga Drummer's Friend.
A well accomplished scientist, musician and artist, Nati is deeply researching the Haitian drum as not only a core percussion element, but a vehicule of sacred medicine and wisedom. Studying the works of Ti Roro and Sanba Zao, she has evolved to a unique style of Haitian Traditional Music blending eastern chants with jazzy scats. The producer of TV series The Backyard Show, she is a true advocate of holistic well being in tune with cultural awarness. It takes a village to raise a child, why not start in your own backyard!
oduor gabriel odhiambo
nairobi, KENYA
2254 723 979 43
george sadak
Edmonds, WA
gilles premel
bordeaux, FRANCE
Gilles Prémel 34, rue des Sablières 33800 Bordeaux France Phone: 00/33/664.41.02.54 E-mail: premelp@yahoo.fr Instruments played: conga, bongo, timbales, bata, berimbau, timba, repinique, pandeiro, tamborim, reco-reco, chékéré, agogo, gan, cajon Peruvian cajon Cuban quijada, surdos and trap drums. 1984: Brazilian Percussion with Bira Almeida "Mestre accordion" world-renowned and instigator of the Capoeira in the U.S.A. As musical director and composer of the famous group of Sanfran-cisco corpo santo. 1988-89: Afro-cuban workshop in matanzas with LOS MUñEQUITOS of MATANZAS in Cuba. Diploma 3rd degree at the CONJUNTO FOLKLORICO Nacional de Cuba, Havana. 2001-2004 Conservatorio Josafat Roel pineda Lima, Peru, percussion residency on origins of west africa in Latin America and the Caribbean, their influences in the music of this century in modern music. 2002-2006: E.N.M.D.T. (National Conservatory of Dance and Music GABRIEL FAURE - Angoulême) Professor teacher on Percussive Afro Caribbean and Latin music in orchestras.music festivals student projects.
Maura Garland
Seattle, WA
Since the age of three, Maura's study of Dance, Yoga and Art have fueled her passion for expressive movement. She dedicates her life to this movement, letting each moment be a creative evolution guided by her heart. She believes movement is one of the many potent keys to all of the beautiful complexities and simplicities in this synchranistic universe.
Gordy Onayemi Ryan
Vashon, WA
Gordy Onayemi Ryan toured with Baba Olatunji and the Drums of Passion from the early 70's to Baba's passing in 2003. He has played on over 100 albums and movie soundtracks,composes,and loves sharing his knowledge on the musical path.He currently lives on Vashon,leads 2 High School Bands, plays with Roger Fisher and the Human Tribe, Mgbavon, and the OBA Band, as well as facilitating the Thursday Night Puget Sound Rhythm Section. lightintheforest@frontier.com
Medoune Gueye
Washington, DC
703 868 4114
Born in Colobane Dakar Senegal , Medoune is the son of a great “Griot”- Abdou Karim Gueye, who not only was instrumental in his drum training, but also instilled a great sense of pride for his country and a love for its traditions. As a Senegalese “Griot” Mr. Gueye is well known for his proficiency and unique technique in several indigenous drum styles and rhythms. He is highly sought after throughout the US, Europe, Asia, the Caribbean and Hawaii for cultural consultation, performances, lecture demonstrations, drum and dance conferences,healing ceremonies, cultural festivals, weddings and professional drum instruction.
Fakhroddin Ghaffari
Tehran, TEHRAN
Kerry Greene
Ashland, OR
Known for his skills & teaching ability, Kerry is an engaging, entertaining & dynamic instructor & facilitator. He offers workshops & hosts drum circles at many events including Rhythm Fest & NW Folklife Festival. First inspired by George Jinda on shakers, Kerry later studied drum circle facilitation with Arthur Hull for many years and drumming with Babatunde Olatunji, Paulo Mattioli, Cameron Tummel, Dibo & Ryan Camara, Monette Marino, Malik Sow & many more. Kerry teaches percussion classes, hosts community and corporate drum circles & distributes instruments. He is a trusted resource for facilitators, stores, museums, players & others for 20 years. Shakerman.com Shakerman@gmail.com
Giavanni Washington
Los Angeles, CA
Giavanni Washington, Ph.D. brings her passion and gratitude for the transformative power of the drum every time she plays or facilitates a drum circle. She received her doctorate in Culture and Performance from UCLA in 2013. She has studied sonic traditions and performed throughout many countries in the world, including: Brazil, Burkina Faso, Cuba, Ethiopia, Guinea, Jamaica, Japan, Kenya, Senegal, Trinidad, Uganda, and the United States. “Dr. G” believes that everyone is entitled to recognition; a philosophy epitomized in the facilitated drum circle format, where every voice is equally valuable. Dr. G facilitates drum circles because she is dedicated to creating and providing a sonic platform through which people can safely explore and transform their relationship to self!
Grandmaster Masese
Nairobi, KENYA
+254 724 166 52
Antonio Gomez
Tacoma, WA
Julia Groove
Saltspring, British Colombia Canada, BC
Julia Groove originally from Montreal, Quebec. Discovered West African drum and dance at the age of 16 and had the bliss to learn from a wide variety of great master's from Mali, Guinea, Ivory Coast and Senegal.Her passion and contagious enthusiasm for this fabulous art form has brought her to collaborate and train with various dance troupe and Circuses around the world. She now is established in British Colombia where she teach and share what she have learned over this long journey of dance.
Rufus Glassco
Toronto, ON - ONTAR

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