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World Rhythm FestivalProduced by the Seattle World Percussion Society
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fara tolno
louisville, CO
Faisal Zedan, was born in Syria, 1972 Arabic percussionist, playing Derbakki, Riqq and frame drums in Arabic style. Specializes in Arabic music of all its different genres. Faisal performs other music genres including Greek, Armenian Balkan and Macedonian.He also regularly performs other middle eastern music such as Turkish, Persian and Afghan. Faisal has been teaching drum workshops, private lessons and at music camps in the united states and abroad. His teaching method relies on explaining the mechanics required to play Arabic drums along with examples and exercises. Faisal cooperates with many ensembles and and individual artist emphasizing the importance of musicianship and selfless playing.
Leela Francis
Nine Mile Falls, WA
Jessica Fredricks
Winter Haven, FL
(863) 324-9268
Jessica Fredricks has been teaching music since 1998. In 2010, this veteran music educator wandered into a drum circle and was fascinated by the amazing rhythm groove created by a group of strangers who professed to have little or no musical training. She began studying drum circle facilitation with Arthur Hull and was struck by the similarities between what drum circle facilitators do and what master teachers do. Her passion is showing others how to harness the power of rhythm to create positive changes in their lives. In 2012 she founded Rhythm Trek LLC, and has spent the past several years drumming with adults, youth and seniors for team building, education and wellness.
Fakhroddin Ghaffari
Tehran, TEHRAN
Hala Fauzi
Santa Clara, CA
Farnaz Ohadi
Vancouver, BC
Peteri Faletogo
Seatac, WA
N.I.U. Roots (New Island United Roots) is a young kids Tongan/Samoan group dedicated to help them get into touch with their indigenous roots. Culture, language, dance and traditions are taught to this generation so that they may wear their pride upon their sleeves. Their is also school help offered and emotional support (if needed) for the children. This group had gotten started on a field of Evergreen High School in lowly White Center. Over this past year they have formed a bond like brothers and sisters. You can see the chemistry when they perform together. They continuously learn the importance of culture, community, and family.
Port Coquitlam, BC

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