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Thione Diop
Seattle, WA
Thione Diop, master drummer from Senegal West Africa has taught and performed in the Seattle area for the last 5 years. He specializes in djembe but also plays the Djun Djun, sabar and tama. Thione was raised in the Griot tradition and has extensive knowledge of West African rhythms. He performs with his percussion ensemble Yeke Yeke and is also a member of the band Iguales. Thione has an instructional DVD and several CD's, one of them newly released after a recent recording session in Senegal with many master musicians.
Matt Dressler
Seattle, WA
(206) 406-3297
Matt Dressler is a professional percussionist and educator specializing in Afro-Cuban musical traditions. His performance credits include Bumbershoot, Folklife and the World Rhythm Festivals. He continues to study the art of drumming with master drummers from around the world and teaches weekly classes in Seattle.
Meera Dixit
Field of specialization :- Kathak Dance Qualification :- * High School (1977) * Intermediate (1980) * Bachelor of Arts (1984) * Kathak Nipun (1988) * Vocal Prathama (2000) * Master of Arts (Kathak) (2002) * PHD. (Kathak) [Submitted] (2008) Professional Training :- 20 years of Traditional Training of Kathak Dance with “Guru Shishya Parampara” [Pupil and Teacher Tradition]. In the style of ‘Lucknow Gharana’ Given by the “Late Shri Bhopi Maharaj” “Late Shri Subhash Dixit” & “Pandit Birju Maharaj” Professional Experience :- Working as a Lecturer in Bhatkhande University from 16th March, 2000 [Experience of Lectureship for more than 9 years till now]
Danny Long
Seattle, WA
Dennis Richards is a dancer, performer, and teacher of Cuban salsa which is also known as Casino. Although he has been dancing all his life, Dennis began learning Casino in Buenos Aires Argentina in 1996. He also dances and teaches Rueda de Casino, Bachata and Body Movement for Dancers. Dennis has studied dance in Havana, Vancouver, and locally for the last 9 years. His focus is on allowing each person to develop their personal feel for the music and to help his students continue to mature as dancers.
Daniel Pitta
Daniel Pitta (Mestre Pitta) is a native of Salvador, Brazil. Daniel is co-owner of Bahia In Motion, a Seattle-based organization offering classes in Capoeira, Brazilian dance, Zumba fitness and tours to Brazil. Daniel's classes transmit the vibrant energy of Brazil. Get ready to dance, sweat and smile! Bahia In Motion has partnered this year with Pacific Northwest Ballet, Spectrum Dance Theater, the Overlake School and Cornish College of the Arts. For more information, please visit bahiainmotion.com
Adama Dabo
Seattle, WA
Adama started dancing at the age of 6 with her brother who is also a professional dancer and has a dance group in Senegal. While she was touring throughout Senegal with the dance company, she competed in many dance competitions, eventually taking the trophy for best dancer at a competition at the Sorano theatre in Dakar, besting dancers from all parts of Senegal. In 1986 she was selected to join a dance troop to represent her home town of Ziguinchor in the Casamance area of Senegal. In 1988 she joined the Woulaba dance company and in 1990 she was named best dancer of the year and held that title for three years. In 1995 she joined the dance company, Fambonding, and has remained with the company to the present. Fambonding functions as a dance school as well as a performance group, and she has instructed many Europeans and Americans in African dance. She is familiar with many African dances, among them, lenjen, bougarabou, akonkon, doundounba, mendiani, kotoba, soko, sabar, jambadon, ching, and many more.
Axé Didé
Portland , OR
(541) 579-0916
Brianca Delaney
Seattle, WA
Brianca Delaney-Yemoyali of The House of Yemoyali is an emerging performance artist that shares art as an avenue of healing, self-discovery and creative expression. She began writin poetry at the age of 5 and eventually gained her Master's Degree in Human Communications and Advanced Certification in Creative Writing at the University of Denver in 2003. Although she has health challenges surrounding PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) she hopes to inspire others to find the courage and creative ways to follow their dreams in harmony with such health challenges. She produced a documentary called, Healing My Broken Womb in 2007 and is currently working on a one woman show called Giving Birth to Death - A Warrior's Journey of Love.
Alseny Michel Diallo
Victoria, BC
250 474 9770
Alseny “Michel” Diallo is a master djembe player and talented performing artist from Guinea West Africa. He has been working in the Guinean Music scene for over 15 years, performing in different ballets, participating in festivals and competitions as well as showcasing in Guinea's largest theatres, “Le Centre Nimbia” and “Le Centre Culturel.” Alseny Diallo has been the lead soloist djembe player for various ballets since the age of 12. Alseny's musical talents has also led him to perform at many significant cultural events with such ballets as “Le Ballet Taille”, “Les Ballet Africain Juniors”, “Le Ballet Kokuri”, “Le Tempo” and “L’Oiseau Blanc”. Alseny has been in Canada since 2007 establishing his own group Kikeyambay, a West African drum and dance troupe as well as a 12 person Electric Orchestra fusing the traditional rhythms with the contemporary new age sounds coming out of Guinea. They perform around BC at theaters, schools, festivals and private events. Besides his own projects, he has also been seen performing with other groups such as Alpha YaYa Diallo, N'Nato Camara and Naby Camara around Canada.
Dennis Maberry
Virden, IL
Dennis Maberry is a versatile percussionist who has studied a variety of traditional percussion methods including African, Afro Cuban, Haitian, Middle Eastern Frame Drum, and the rhythmic concepts of India. By blending these influences into a rhythmic stew Dennis has created a rhythmical style that is distinctively his own. Dennis is the author of the popular instructional book "Drum Circle Grooves" along with his latest book "The Magic of Twelve" His latest cd "Rhythmspirit" features several special guests including percussionist Gordy Ryan, Tor Dietrichson, Bill Matthews, and Judy Piazza among others. Dennis has started recording his newest cd which will feature several special guests including drummer Ben Smith from the rock band "Heart".
Joyce Paul is an accomplished Bharatanatyam and Mohiniyattam dancer who believes that dance is a wonderful medium that can transport you to a level of consciousness that is difficult to reach otherwise. She works hard to ensure that the essence of dance and its unseen ramifications are experienced by her students and co-dancers. Her knowledge of Exercise Physiology and the human body in general give her classes a unique twist. Her basic knowledge of Ballet and Jazz help her work on competitive analysis between art forms and how the body reacts to different stress movements. Joyce has been teaching and performing in the Pacific Northwest since 2001.
Mohamed Andre Duranteau
Victoria, BC, CANADA
Guinean Master Dancer Mohamed Andre Duranteau joined his first performing Guinean ballet, "L'Ensemble Instrumentale de Kakimbo," at 15 years old. Here, Mohamed developed his skills as a singer, drummer and dancer, travelling and performing around the country until 1996 when he moved on to join the award winning group, “Ballet Taille.” Mohamed worked as lead dancer for this group for 10 years, under the direction of Mamadouba Camara, former lead soloist for “Ballet Djoliba” and “Les Ballets Africains” during the same era as legendary djembefola Mamady Keita. Mohamed was also a lead dancer and stage director for “Ballet Kali” and a dancer in “Ballet Aklusso de Grand Bassam” a unique and Afro-Contemporary style ballet from the Ivory Coast. Mohamed moved to Victoria, BC, in Canada in 2007 and since then has created a successful drum & dance school and performance troupe called “Wontanara Drum & Dance.” (www.wontanaradrumdance.ca) Mohamed now teaches and performs throughout BC and has become a respected and popular performing artist in his Guinean and Canadian community, both young and old.
Dora Oliveira
Seattle, WA
(206) 226-8676
Since moving to Seattle from Salvador, Bahia, Dora has been performing and teaching Brazilian dance to adults and kids for 25 years and performs constantly at both company & community events, including many taking place in the heart of Seattle Center: World Rhythm Festival, Folklife Festival, Festival Sundiata, Spirit of West Africa, and BrasilFest. Her repertoire ranges from samba and traditional Afro-Brazilian dance through jazz, funk, ballet, and modern. She is lead dancer with Seattle’s own Show Brazil and showcases her personally designed choreography and costumes when performing with her own group, Dance Brazil, at festivals, schools, nonprofits and corporate events throughout the year.
Vado Diomande
New York, NY
Ian Dobson
Ian has traveled the world performing and learning about the music of various cultures. His first love is drum set and he studied timpani, marimba, vibraphone, piano, and other instruments starting at a young age and eventually earned a Master’s degree in Percussion. He began performing steel drum music in 1995. Ian can be found performing and teaching steel drum on Holland America Line cruise ships in the Caribbean during the winter months, playing abroad in such places as Mexico and Canada; performing at music festivals such as the Ethnic Heritage Festival in Edmonton, Canada; performing in libraries and schools throughout the Northwest, and so much more! He has performed with many musical luminaries, such as Jackson Berkey of Mannheim Steamroller and Lee Oskar of the band War.
Ian Dobson
Setsuna Dance
Seattle, WA
Debby Boland Watt is a strong vocalist, improvisational performance artist & master teacher. As a current Seattle area performer recently featured in the Seattle Times she has quickly become the area's best-known facilitator for Improvisational Voice & Circle Singing. "Debby may quite possibly be the female Bobby McFerrin of Seattle! Her singing is reminiscent of Jay Clayton, Bobby & other true pioneers of vocal improvisation & singing. Debby is a full meal deal, unafraid to explore her instrument in Jazz & beyond." -J.R. Seattle, WA Joining Debby at this year's World Rhythm Festival is Christian Swenson (HumanJazz.com). Christian is a Seattle-based performing artist whose improvised fusion of singing, acting & dancing has been seen throughout the US, Canada, Europe & Asia.
Daniel Santos
Seattle, WA
Bahia In Motion shares the beauty of Afro-Brazilian culture through Brazilian Dance, Capoeira and tours to Brazil. With much enthusiasm, Daniel joyfully shares his native Afro-Brazilian culture through Capoeira and dance, two of the most significant artistic expressions of Black Brazilian culture. Daniel's extensive professional training and ability to transmit the vibrant energy of Bahia, Brazil produce fun, creative and invigorating classes. Daniel teaches Brazilian dance, Capoeira and Zumba Fitness at his studio, Balance Studio in Fremont.
Dr. Wonderbread performs as a jazz/funk percussionist weekly at MoJam Monday (reputed to be one of the best jams in the country) at the Nectar Lounge in Fremont. He is working with musician friends to develop a new genre, "joetry," a deeper integration of jazz and poetry. His shamanic training includes Mayan (Martin Prectel), Dagara (Burkino Faso, Africa, Malidoma Somé) Native American, Tibetan Buddhist and several other traditions. His mission is to bring the magic of timeless Kairos time into our tic-toc Chronos world, using the pre-verbal languages of Kairos: music, poetry, dance, art, beauty (harmonious balance) and sensuality.

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