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Homero Chavez
Pomona, CA
Manimou Camara's strength as a dynamic performing artist and teacher lies in his strong roots with some of Guinea, West Africa's most beloved performing groups; Ballet Merveille and Ballet Saamato. His primary education was spent with Sekou Dico Sylla (now a Vancouver, BC resident), Karamoko Daman (Karamo Dama, sangban recording artist for Mamady Keita) and nationally recognized Ballet Saamato. He has played lead dunduns for Kemoko Sano's world reknowned Ballet Merveille and conducted rhythm and dance camps for people from Europe, Japan, and the United States. Manimou now resides in the Seattle metropolitan area where he shares his passion for dance, rhythms, and life.
cintia Pristell
Seattle, WA
Eric Conn
Mukilteo, WA
Cameron Tummel
Ventura, CA
Cameron Tummel is a professional percussionist and drum circle facilitator dedicated to the rhythmic development of individuals in colleges, businesses, schools, and communities. Tummel has an MFA in World Percussion from California Institute of the Arts, is a Village Music Circles certified drum circle facilitator, and has twenty-plus years of experience as a clinician, facilitator and performer. Cameron has produced dozens of instructional recordings and videos, and has performed with Babatunde Olatunji, Gordy Ryan, Randy Gloss, Jose "Pepe" Danza, Kim Atkinson, Malik Sow, and Arthur Hull. Cameron Tummel's music, videos, blogs, and instructional recordings are online at www.CameronTummel.com.
Michael Clark
Sandpoint, ID
Michael Clark, a professional musician, accomplished djembe instructor, performer, author and recording artist, is a firm believer in the empowerment of the drum to transform lives and bring people together. Following his own drum journey for more than 15 years, he now assists others in following their unique path through teaching and playing the djembe. Currently based in Sandpoint Idaho, Michael has founded African-style drum and dance troupes in Idaho, toured England for three years with RhythmWorks4U a company he created, and is the founder of the OutLaw Drummer Band. He is currently teaching drum classes weekly in Sandpoint and conducting facilitated drum circles throughout the Inland Northwest with his company DRUMatic Innovation.
Abass Camara
Fort Wayne, IN
260 403 8583
Abass Camara is a master drummer from Guinea, West Africa. He has been a professional musician since the age of 15 and has played with a number of prominent ballets (drum and dance troops) in Conakry, the capital of Guinea. Along with his performance skills he was the Music Director and Music Instructor for Watafre, the Ballet he and three other artists started in Conakry seven years ago. This means that he was in charge of arranging all of the music as well as teaching not only the members of the Ballet but also the apprentice drummers. Since coming to the United States, Abass has performed all over Midwest and taught students from PhD candidates at universities to pre-K students. Abass loves to perform but he has a passion for teaching his culture and his music.
Johnny Conga has been a performing musician for over 48 years and has worked with Major Artists such as Sergio Mendes,Paquito D'Rivera, Gloria and Emilio Estefan,Mongo Santamaria,Willie Bobo, and many many others. Johnny has created what he calls a "Conga Camp/Intensive" where u can actually live in his home(room and board included)and study with him for 6 hours a day. His "attendee's" of his CC/I have come from Australia,England, Ireland, Curacao, Puerto Rico and even from Cuba. He has taught at the Univerity of Miami-Dept. of Percussion, Cornish College of the Arts, Pacific Lutheran University and Music Works Northwest, and now is Adjunct faculty at Shoreline Community College. Part of Johnny's teaching involves Neuro Linguistic Programming( specifically created in order to allow us to do magic by creating new ways of understanding how verbal and non-verbal communication affect the human brain. As such it presents us all with the opportunity to not only communicate better with others, but also learn how to gain more control over what we considered to be automatic functions of our own neurology.)through the Conga drum.
Katrina Ji & Culture Shakti are a professional international dance company specializing in American Tribal Style® (ATS®) Belly Dance, Bollywood, Rajasthani Folk Dance, Bhangra and Can Can!!! Katrina Ji has performed in India, Canada and toured USA. Culture Shakti has performed for Microsoft, Democrats of WA, Seattle Art Museum (SAM), NW Folklife Festival.... Katrina Ji is also a member of Rajasthani Gypsy Caravan (including Ustad Arba Music Group & Suva Devi from Latcho Drom). She has toured the USA with them and the Desert Festival in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, India. We offer classes at our studio in Seattle. http://cultureshaktidance.com
Heartway Coyote
Kirkland, WA
Christina 'Medea' McKie
Federal Way, WA
Medea is most well known for her performances as a fusion belly dance soloist, but has over seven years experience dancing in the North West in Renaissance Faires, the SCA, and with a troupe she co-directed called 'Tribe Shakti'. She loves to blur the lines between different styles of music and dance to create her own interpretation using bits of Tribal Fusion, Gothic Fusion, and even hip hop for a more modern touch and alternative flair. She has made it her mission to study with as many of her favorite dancers as possible and work on her own unique style and technique as a solo artist. She has taught several workshops focused on fusion bellydance, emphasizing musicality and dancer's intuition...and is excited to be joining the SWPS crew in this year's festival!
Christian Swenson
Seattle, WA
Rakesh Chander
Chicago, IL
773 440 2805
Naby Camara
Seattle, WA
206 779 6232
Naby Camara, a master musician/teacher from West Africa, Guinea-born balafonist grew up in a traditional Griot family and was the official balafonist of the Federal troupe of Conakry. He played with Fatala, Les Merve, Mandeng Yahara, and performed/taught with Les Ballet African de Guinea and holds a certificate from Mamady Keita. He is the recipient of two Juno awards (Canadian Grammy). Naby brings years of knowledge, training, and a global touring experience. Naby’s group, Lagni Sussu, has originally composed, dynamic rhythms & songs coming from an over 1,000 year artistic tradition. Well versed on the 21-barred balafon, dundun, and djembe, his modernistically traditional style of music and song acknowledge history, honor to ancestors, joy and praise to events and people, and human conditions found worldwide. All ages and cultures of people enjoy the bright, joyful, rhythmic sounds of this music. It touch’s the hearts, minds, ears, and souls of all peoples. Naby Camara and Lagni Sussu bring audiences of all ages and cultures to their feet. To hire Naby for a performance/Balafon or djembe instruction call 206-786-5214
Blake has been teaching, playing, and performing folkloric and contemporary drum and dance for 18 years. He is schooled in African and Afro-Caribbean rhythms, songs, and dances. He believes that drumming and dance is for everyone, regardless of who you are or where you come from. The drum is our teacher, healer, and friend. May the drum and dance lead us back to wholeness!
Carlos Medrano
Vallejo, CA
Briana Clarke
Na'tan Collins
Na'tan Collins has always had a love for rhythm and percussion since childhood. His passion for percussion was fueled in 2010, when the sound of the djembe called to him. Soon after acquiring his first djembe, Na'tan started the local drum group 'Seattle Hand Drummers'. SHD has grown to over 500 members. In 2015 Na'tan is expanding his passion to the local community even further. Working with non profits, senior activities, at-risk youth, the homeless community and other organizations. 'Compassionate Percussion' will teach workshops, give lessons, provide therapeutic sessions and encourage learning and self expression. Na'tan is available for individual, group and classroom lessons and activities.
Claire Archer
Claire Archer hails from Texas. She has called Washington state home since 1980. In 1998, Claire began studying belly dance while attending Central Washington University and fell in love with the art form. Claire is an active in her local community. She regularly performs solo and with Na'tan in and around the Puget Sound area. As a teacher, Claire takes great joy in sharing her love of dance. Claire's style of belly dance is called Tribal Fusion, an American form of Raqs Sharki.
Na'tan Collins
Na'tan Collins is the founder of Seattle Hand Drummers (SHD). A local multifaceted drumming group established in 2010. SHD hosts open drum circles, teaches team building, communication, self expression, confidence building and music making rhythm workshops. SHD is available for private and public performances. 'Rhythm In Motion (RIM). RIM is a collaboration between bellydancer Claire Archer and percussionist Na'tan Collins. RIM is available for workshops, local performances, private parties and lessons. New in 2015 Na'tan has founded 'Compassionate Percussion'. Compassionate Percussion will be community focused. Working with and developing programs with seniors, children, low-income, at-risk youth, homeless, adults and teens with developmental disabilities and community charities.
Sharon Cronin
Seattle, WA
206 517-3054
I graduated from Central Washington University with a Bachelors in Music Education in 2011. I have been teaching elementary music for four years. Three of those years I have been at Otis Orchards Elementary in Otis Orchards, WA. At Otis Orchards Elementary I teach students in K-6 General Music, 3rd - 6th Grade Honor Choir, and 4th - 6th Grade Marimba Band. The Otis Orchards Malleteers is an auditioned school group that performs world music on mallet percussion. Our 4th Grade beginning group meets before school, and our 5th and 6th Grade advanced group meets during recess throughout the school day. Students in the group, have placed a Superior blue ribbon rating for two consecutive years at the Northeast Music Educators Association Solo & Ensemble Festival in Spokane Valley, Washington.
nathan collins
Lynnwood, WA
Seattle Hand Drummers (SHD) is an open community made up of members from the local area and worldwide as well. We specialize in hosting music circles with the intention of enhancing community and bringing diversity together. Our newest direction, fundraising and charity events as well as serving those in need keep us driven and committed to serve all those who may be in need of energetic and enthusiastic support. SHD is always available for booking. performances, parties and workshops. Individual and group lessons available for all levels of experience. SHD is now facilitating Music Therapy Sessions for Emotional Trauma, Substance Abuse and Cognitive Rehabilitation. Founded by Nathan Collins, local facilitator and musician
nathan collins
Lynnwood, WA
Chaz Hastings
Seattle, WA

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